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I had a pretty good Arisia, all told. Did a lot of hanging out in the lobby and reading, talking with people who wanted to talk when they came by, saw the masquerade, got to a friend's party for the last time (they are not returning to Arisia for their own reasons), saw friends I haven't seen in days, weeks, months and years and all was good. The only real downside was that all the panels I wanted to catch were in the mornings and I was just too wiped from new job and stuff to be able to make myself get up for them. Oh well, maybe next year.

Happy New Year!

May 2013 be a better year for us all.

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A new door opens

I have received a job offer for the position of Technical Support Engineer from Pegasystems and have accepted it. My first day will be Monday, Nov. 26 at their Cambridge office (located between Lechmere and Kendall squares).

I will be doing front-line support, assessing, triaging and (as much as possible) resolving customer issues. They have two different second-line groups that can take issues I am not able to resolve and give them more focused attention. In time, I may move to join one of those groups but that's something for the future.

If you have any questions about this, feel free to ask.


Happy Birthday 42itous!

May the year to come be filled with new accomplishments, success and joy!

WorldCon, Day One

We're in Chicago, have hotel room and con badges. We've seen a few people and had dinner. I've started a pile with Larry Smith, Bookpusher.

I slept poorly last night and am still apparently not at 100%, so I'm probably going to crash Real Soon Now, ahf may go wander parties.

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Vacation, end of day 1

We're in Ohio, barely.



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Not by coming down with a "systemic viral infection" that caused extremely painful intestinal cramping.

I spent yesterday night in the hospital, being released in the wee hours (~2am).

However, I feel fine now and we will be leaving for Chicago soon, a few hours later than we had planned but we're still going.

That was weird little cluster f*ck

On Friday, I was contact by a person working for Insight Global, a staffing agency. He wanted to set up a meeting between myself and one of their local people, a formal "meet and greet" today at 2:30 in the afternoon at their "downtown Boston" office. I was promised an email confirmation of the call and it was requested that I reply with a clean MS Word copy of my resume.

Aside from the "local person" bit, this was pretty standard for the larger agencies, they want to get a look at you, make sure you have a suit and know how to tie a tie before they send you out for an interview, that sort of thing.

But Friday ended and no email. OK, not the end of the world, except for the meeting being the next business day. But, whatever, over the weekend, I talked to mizarchivist, set up lunch with her before hand, since I'd be in the area.

This morning, bright and early, the expected email shows up. But there's a problem, "downtown Boston" has turned into "Burlington". Oops. Talk to MizA some, move lunch up half an hour, that should work, no big deal.

So go into Boston, have a lovely lunch on the Common on a lovely day with a lovely companion, walk around, talk about life, the universe and everything (like you do). Head back north to Burlington. (BTW, the traffic reports while I was driving in was talking about construction delays heading north on 93, once I was actually going north on 93, they said it was fine. They lied.)

I ended up getting to the designated address with some time to spare, so I did some reading before heading in. The building directory told me that Insight Global was on the fourth floor, which agreed with the "Suite 406" part of the address. (There was a bit of a problem finding Suite 406, this is first numbering system that I've seen where "404" comes between "406" and "408".) However, the sign on the door to that suite said "Complete Staffing Solutions" and the logo was different. But, whatever, it's a staffing company.

I went in, asked the receptionist for the name I'd been given and she replied, "Who? I don't think we have anyone here by that name." Given how distinctive the name was, this was a very bad sign. I explained that I had talked to someone from Insight Global and suddenly she was enlightened. "Oh, yeah, we've been getting a lot of people coming here looking for them. We're not them. Let me see if I can find someone who can talk to you though." She disappears through a door marked "Employees Only" and in a minute or so, comes back and says "[Name] will be with you in a moment."

So I had a pleasant 10 minute chat with [Name], told him what I do, what sort of position I'm looking for, what my idea of "reasonable commute" is, that sort of thing. He seemed quite happy to hear this as he said he's got a lot of technical positions and that he's got very few candidates who can "talk both code and people", as he put it. He gave me his card (with a Southboro address and phone number scratched off) and said that they had only been in the office for two weeks, they had just gotten the printers hooked up earlier that and that no one had new business cards yet. I promised to email him my resume when I got home (which I have already sent off).

So not a total loss.

I have also emailed Insight Global about this. Now to see what they have to say.


Happy Moon Landing Day!

Let's go back again soon, OK?


Happy birthday lifecollage!

May the year to come bring you love, joy and free time!

Happy birthday brynndragon!

May the year to come bring you success, perspective and joy!


Another one for woodwardiocom

And anyone else interested in the next (sixth) edition of OGRE.

The podcast That's How We Roll reports that, as implied in this Daily Illumination (April 1st, so it may not have been taken seriously), Steve Jackson Games will be doing a Kickstarter campaign for Ogre.

Please note, OGRE 6 will happen, the Kickstarter is to increase the amount of stuff in the box (currently weighing in at 14 lbs.).

woodwardiocom call your office

Jess Nevins is at it again. This time is the Golden Age Superheros and he's Kickstartering the whole thing.

The $6,000 goal, if met, will result in him putting the whole thing up on the web, for free.

Happy Π Day everyone!

Everyone have a wonderful 3.14!


Arrived safely

If rather tired yesterday.

In meeting. Coordinator still not found (probably somewhere in the labyrinth of Heathrow).


Travelling Man

For those that care, I'll be in the United Kingdom next week, Maidenhead, England to be exact.

It's for work and I doubt I'll have much in the way of free time. But if you're wondering why I'm up and on-line at 4 in the morning, that will be why.


Happy birthday to devoken!

May this year bring you stability, growth and happiness!

Back from Arisia

Looking at my friends' posts about Arisia, I think most of them went to a different con than the one I did.

For those that care, I had a great time, saw no real problem with scheduling, panels or the art show. ahf and I were wrangling some of the GoHs and that went smoothly, all the events went off with out a hitch and, at the end of the con, they complimented us (Arisia staff as a whole) for how well and how smoothly the convention went.


Paging buxom_bey

Please call your your office.

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